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What is NEW?

No one should be left behind to sort things out themselves. Next Entrepreneurial Women believes that supporting other females in Southeast Asia through your stories in your own voice can move others forward to become the next entrepreneurial women. 








NEW Perks

Access to Private Sharing Session with Others

We amass like-minded people to share their views and perspectives on different topics in a safe environment. Each sessions will include different groups of experts and learners to share their valuable stories, insights and experience.

SHINE APART from The Rest

SHINE APART is a Singapore-based fashion brand that empowers you to build your personal brand and create a memorable impression in the party of people. SHINE APART dares women to dress against the norm. All participants who are Singapore Residents will be invited for a complimentary photography session with garments from SHINE APART.

A Pearl of Great Price

Izelangdesigns is a Singapore-based handmade jewellery brand founded by Izel Ang, a Certified Instructor from Swarovski Crystal's DIY section. Jewelleries are thought as women’s best friend - allowing women to adorn themselves with it to represent their personalities and style. Be one of the lucky 30 participants to receive a pair of classic, timeless, and beautiful pearl stud earrings from Izelangdesigns.

A NEW Movement

There are many ways to influence others, but your story through your voice is louder. Join us to create a new environment to support the Next Entrepreneurial Women (NEW).

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